Incident Detail: 1934 Call No. 06

Call No.  6
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 Multiple Buildings Fire 
 Edward Keiser, West Main Street 

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March 6, 1934

On Tuesday afternoon, March 6, 1934, Mr. Edward Keiser, of West Main Street, was engaged in cleaning his yard of all refuse, and was disposing of it by burning it in a wire container. He noticed that some sparks had entered his wood house and started a blaze. The Keiser family immediately summoned the Lykens firemen, who quickly responded to the call. Upon their arrival, the flames had already spread to a two-story garage, and had gained sufficient headway to practically destroy both buildings. With the excellent assistance of the firemen, the flames were confined to one building and what might have been a more serious situation was prevented. In the garage was stored a quantity of furniture, tools, and forty-eight chickens. Mr. Keiser, who entered the garage, in an effort to rescue the chickens, succeeded in rescuing twenty, and in his effort was almost overcome by smoke. He was helped from the building without injury. The damage was estimated at several hundred dollars and was covered by insurance.

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