Incident Detail: 2012 Call No. 011

Call No.  11
Time Out
Time In
 Multiple car fires 
 1821 Pottsville Street 

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At 16:00 hours, Company 23 was dispatched class one to One Stop Recycling for a car fire. This incident would eventually grow into approximately 100 cars on fire, and involve nearly all companies from the upper end of the County. Chief 23 arrived on scene and assumed command, and began requesting multiple resources as the incident grew in size. One Stop Recycling is a business that takes in junk cars and other items, and initial size-up showed multiple cars on fire and spreading. Companies 21 and 27 were added to the call for CAFS and tankers, and Engine 22 was dispatched to set up a fill site at the hydrant located across from Medco Processing on the old Coaldale Road. Engine 22 responded with 5 and Utility 22 with 4, and many members responded during the event POV. Engine 22 set up the fill at the requested hydrant, left members to operate it, and the Engine moved up to the scene. Tanker 24 was dispatched, and on arrival, dumped it's 5 inch and laid from the hydrant up to Engine 22's 5 inch which was also laid out. Engine 27 picked up the hydrant and pushed water to Engine 22, which placed its deck gun, 3 inch pre-connect, and a 2 inch pre-connect into operation to assist Engine 23. It was quickly determined that water flow was going to exceed the water system in Wiconisco, so an alternative fill site was decided upon in Lykens Borough. Numerous additional tankers from 21, 20, 216, 26, 27 and 29 were dispatched. Chief 24-1 was water supply officer, and Chief 22-2 the fill site, which was set up by Engine 201 at the hydrant in Lykens at Market and North Second Street. Eight tankers were used in the tanker shuttle, with each one being filled about 8 times. Canteen 29 was requested to the scene, and Schuylkill Engine 650 was also dispatched and sent to the scene for additional manpower. Schuylkill Engine 66-10 was relocated to station 24, Engine 32 to station 23, Perry Tanker 9 to station 216, and Tanker 35 and Engine 49 to station 21. Suppression activities continued for several hours, and with the aid of some heavy moving equipment that was able to lift many of the cars from the pile, control and extinguishment was eventually achieved. After cleaning and repacking 1100 feet of 5 inch, 500 feet of 3 inch, and 200 feet of 2 inch, the company went back in service and available.

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