Incident Detail: 2012 Call No. 016

Call No.  16
Time Out
Time In
 Mountain Fire 
 Berry Mountain Road 

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March 14, 2012

Originally dispatched as a 24-1 box and moments later corrected to a 216-8 box, a mountain fire was reported near the intersection of Berry Mountain Road and Chestnut Road in Jackson Township. Companies 22, 23, and 24 were first dispatched. A smoke header was visible from Station 24, and additional brush units and tankers were then requested. Engine 22 responded with 3 and Utility 22 with 1, Tanker 24 with 4, and Tanker 23 with 2 and Brush 23 with 2. On arrival, Captain 22 on Utility 22 observed several acres on fire. Command was established, with Chief 22-2 taking command and Chief 23-2 taking operations, with Captain 24 handling accountability. Several units from DCNR responded to the scene and co-ordinated the suppression efforts. Brush, Utility, and Tanker 650 (Muir) arrived on scene, along with Tanker and Brush 26 (Berrysburg)and Brush 19 (Carsonville). Additional manpower was requested from Sheridan Engine 647, who responded with 10, and Utility 20 (Millersburg) who responded with 5. Schuylkill Engine 66-10 out of Tower City was placed on stand by, and Gratz Engine 27 was relocated to Station 22. Medic 6-6 was on scene providing rehab. Crews worked a containment line around the fire, and were successful and marked control at 16:43. Crews then worked on extinguishing the fire. Crews continued working the scene until the fire was declared out by DCNR, and command released all units.

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