Incident Detail: 2012 Call No. 077

Call No.  77
Time Out
Time In
 Smoke in a Structure 
 221 Market Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

December 7, 2012

Companies 22, 23, 24, 21 and Schuylkill 66 dispatched class one to 221 Market Street in Lykens for a report of smoke inside the structure. Chief 22-2, who lives across the street, was on scene in a matter of seconds, finding nothing showing on side A. Entering the structure through the C side entrance, he met with the daughter of the owner of the property and was advised that the pellet stove located in the dining room was pushing smoke into the interior of the house. The power was out in the area and the stove blower motor was not working and the smoke from the pellet stove was pushing out the sides of the stove. The daughter had shut the stove down and called 911. Command held the box to company 22 class three. Engine 22 responded with 4 and Truck 22 with 3, with the Engine taking side A and the Truck setting up on side B. Crews checked the interior walls around the stove with the TIC and found nothing. With no smoke in the interior and the stove fire out, command placed the box in service.

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