Incident Detail: 2018 Call No. 006

Call No.  6
Time Out
Time In
 Stove Fire 
 6236 Route 209 

No Photo Available for This Incident

January 17, 2018

The 21-6 box dispatched class one to 6236 Route 209 in Washington Township for a stove fire in a second floor apartment. This sent Company 21, Truck 22 and Engine 22 for the out of service Engine 23. Truck 22 responded with 5, Engine 22 with 5, Engine 21 with 6, Tanker 21 with 2 and Rescue 23 with 6. Chief 21-2 arrived on scene and assumed command and requested first Engine and Truck into the apartment building parking lot and prepare to pull a line. Truck 22 arrived and sent a crew interior with tools, a can and the TIC. Engine 22 arrived next and sent additional manpower to assist. Engine 21 arrived and staged on Route 209, as did Rescue 23. Investigation found a stove in the second floor apartment that had been on fire and the occupant had knocked down with a fire extinguisher. The controls were melted and the stove burner was still on. Crew dis-connected the stove from power and checked the walls for extension. Negative pressure fans were brought in to clear smoke from the second and third floors and command marked control. The crews continued to assist with salvage and overhaul until released by command 21.

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