Incident Detail: 2018 Call No. 044

Call No.  44
Time Out
Time In
 Accident with entrapment 
 205 Main Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

June 17, 2018

Company 22 and Rescues 23 and 21 dispatched class one to the 200 block of Main Street in Lykens for a reported vehicle accident with entrapment. Engine 22 responded with 6, Utility 22 with 2, and Rescue 23 with 5. Chief 23 responded to the scene and confirmed that there was no entrapment and Rescue 21 was placed in service. On arrival of the Engine, one vehicle was found on its side in the middle of Main Street, having struck a parked car, and the driver self extricated and not on scene. The Engine crew began a search of the nearby Borough Park to check and see if they could find the driver. Rescue 23 cribbed and stabilized the vehicle. PSP arrived and confirmed that a towing company was on the way. The Engine crew returned having found no driver. After controlling traffic and handling fluids down the vehicle was returned to its wheels and towed away along with the parked car that was struck. Command placed the box available.

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