Incident Detail: 2018 Call No. 045

Call No.  45
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 202 West Market Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

June 18, 2018

Truck and Engine 22 dispatched class one on the 24-1 box for a structure fire at 202 West Market Street in Williamstown. Truck 22 responded with 7 and Engine 22 with 4. On arrival the Truck beached on Market Street and sent crew forward who laddered the building. Engine 22 arrived and staged on Market Street and sent their crew forward. The building was a 3 story wood frame 40 by 70 apartment building with heavy smoke pushing from the roof. A roof crew gained access to the roof by laddering the Delta side next door structure and began multiple vent holes while crews from several engine companies advanced an interior attack from side A. After initial knockdown extensive roof work was needed to dig out all remaining pockets of fire hidden in heavy timber. A crew from Rescue 21 went to the roof to assist the 22 roof crew with that task. Outside temperature was near 80 with high humidity despite being the middle of the night. Crews continued with roof ventilation until all pockets of fire were extinguished.

Units on the call:
Dauphin County
Tanker and Utility 24
Engine and Rescue 23
Engine and Truck 22
Rescue and Tanker 21
EMS 241 and 242 and 24Q with the rehab trailer
Tankers 23, 20 and 26 dispatched and canceled.
Schuylkill County
Sheridan Engine 2215 and Rescue 2255
Muir Engine 2211 and Tanker 2231
Reinerton Engine 2213 and Tanker 2233
Tower City Engine 6610
Tremont Rescue 6750
Joliet Tanker 2234 and Engine 2214 dispatched and canceled

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