Incident Detail: 2018 Call No. 046

Call No.  46
Time Out
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 Commercial Structure Fire 
 600 Main Street 

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The 22-1 box dispatched class one for a report of a smell of something burning in the Union House Apartments at 600 Main Street in Lykens, bringing Company 22, Engine and Rescue 23, Engine 24 and Rescue 21. Chief 22-2 responded POV to the scene and on arrival found several of the residents evacuating the building with audible and visual alarms sounding. The manager on scene advised of a smell coming from the AC ducts of a 4 story 50 by 75 foot brick apartment building. She reported that she had an odor on the first floor and she hand pulled the alarm and began evacuating residents. Engine 22 responded with 4 and took the FDC on the Market Street side Delta of the building, with the crew going interior to search for a source of the odor. Truck 22 responded with 4 and arrived on the C side of the building and set up to go to the roof. Engine 23 responded with 3 and staged the rig at the hydrant in the middle of the 600 block of Main Street and sent their manpower forward. Rescue 21 responded with 8 and on arrival staged on the Market Street D side of the structure and sent their manpower forward. Rescue 23 responded with 4 and staged at the A/B corner of the structure. Engine 24 responded with 5 and they arrived on side A/B by the Chinese Restaurant. Crews from 22 and 23 searched the second floor while crew from 24 took the 3rd floor and 21 took the 4th floor. They assisted residents out of the building while checking for odors or issues and found none. The Truck made the roof and found no problems with the HVAC units. An interior crew from Engine 22 found an apartment on the 2nd floor that had burned food on the stove causing the odor. Crews were pulled from the 3rd and 4th floors, and the Truck sent a fan to the 2nd floor apartment to assist with ventilation. Companies 21 and 24 were released. After ventilation was complete, Company 23 was released. After rounding up all manpower and equipment Command placed the box available and all residents were permitted to return to the building.

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