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Craik Hotel Fire
Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada

January 31, 2003

The Craik Hotel in Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada, burned on January 31, 2003. The landmark two-story hotel was built in 1903 using balloon construction with no fire breaks or fire protection systems. When the fire company was dispatched, the building was fully involved and the fire had already vented through the roof. The first-in pumper stretched a 2?-inch supply line from a hydrant located a block west of the fire. The closest hydrant was directly in front of the hotel but fire fighters were unable to gain access to it due to the close proximity of the fire. Noting that the building was fully involved, the fire crews set up a defensive attack and focus on covering the exposures. A search of the hotel was not able to be conducted due to the state of the building. Nearby structures suffered the effects of extreme radiant heat as the vinyl siding on these buildings quickly melted. Two trucks parked in front of the hotel also suffered heat damage with all plastic items and the back windows melting. Craik?s main pumper failed due to radiant heat melting an air line on its pump. This engine also had its grill flashers melted off. Fire fighters set up lines to cool the exposures and extinguish any flying brands using 1?-inch lines. The Davidson Fire Department also responded to help extinguish the fire. They could see the orange glow in the sky from ten miles away. A total of 250,000 gallons of water were used by fire fighters to extinguish this blaze and protect exposures, almost completely depleted the water supply for the town. There were no injuries to fire fighters or the public during this incident. The investigation initially determined the last patrons of the hotel bar left about 30 minutes before the fire began and no guest was registered in the hotel that evening. The cause of the incident is undetermined. The owners lost all of their stock and equipment.

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