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Fire, Isaac Mossop's Mill
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Fire damaged Isaac Mossop's hosiery mill in Wiconisco. The first floor of the three-story building was damaged. Lykens and Wiconisco Fire Companies responded. The loss was $3,000.
Garage Fire, 171 Pottsville St (Box 23-11)
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Engine-22 and Tanker-22 were dispatched to the Kolvick garage at 171 Pottsville Street for a structure fire. Engine-22 responded with a crew of six. Tanker-22 responded with a crew of two. Engine-22 arrived on scene after Engine-23 and found a one-story detached garage, well involved. Fire had nearly consumed the building. Company-23 had hose lines in operation and were controlling the exposures. Company-22 was placed in service by Chief-23.
Structure Fire, 522 Market St (Box 22-17)

Structure Fire, 464 Main St (Box 22-1)
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Companies 22 and 23 were dispatched to a report of a stove fire in the Platzer residence located at 464 Main Street. Engine 22 responded with a crew of six, and Truck 22 responded with a crew of five. Engine and Squad 23 and EMS also responded. Chief 22 responded to the scene POV. Engine 22 arrived on scene, followed shortly by the Truck. Crews entered the structure and found that the fire was out. The occupant had been heating a baby bottle on the stove and reached up into a cabinet above the stove, knocking over a Bactine bottle that landed on the hot burner and ignited. The occupant suffered slight burns and was treated on the scene by EMS. Company 23 was placed in service and, after checking the kitchen and surrounding room for extensions and finding none, Company 22 was placed available by Chief 22.
Chimney fire with extension, 345 East Colliery Ave (Box S.C.)
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Truck 22 was dispatched to Corky's Bar at 4th and Colliery Avenue in Tower City, Schuylkill County, for a chimney fire with possible extension into the structure. Tower City, Muir, and Orwin fire companies were also dispatched and on the scene of the call. Truck 22 responded with a crew of seven, and Chief 22 responded POV. The truck accessed the scene from 3rd Street, and set up on Colliery Avenue on the A/B corner of the structure. The truck crew's Initial assignment was to complete searches of the 2nd and 4th floors. They split into two teams of three and completed the searches, finding nothing. The crew then stood by until released by Command 66.
Propane Leak, 656 North Street (Box 22-1)
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Engines 22 and 23 were dispatched to 656 North Street in the Boro for a report of a gas leak near a stove. Engine 22 responded with 4, Engine 23 with 3. Engine 22 arrived to find normal conditions, and advised Engine 23 to stage at the hydrant at Market and North and send their manpower to the structure with their gas meter. Investigation determined that the gas company had filled their gas tank earlier in the day, and there was some kind of problem or leak with it. The gas tank was shut off at the valve, and 23's meter was used to check the house. After venting the residence, the box was placed available, with the owners having all ready contacted the gas company who were sending a technician back to the scene.
Chimney fire, 615 West Market Street (Box 24-3)
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Companies 24, 23, Truck 22 and EMS dispatched class 1 to 615 West Market Street in Williamstown for a reported chimney fire. Truck 22 responded with 5, along with Tanker 24, and Engine and Rescue 23. The Truck arrived on side A to find a single story mobile home set back about 75 feet from the road, with a clogged chimney pipe from a front room wood burner. The crew was assigned interior ops and checked the wall for extensions and removed the interior pipes for cleaning. Crew assisted until released by command 24.
Structure Fire, 166 Dayton Street (Box 24-3)
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Companies 24, 23, 22, and Schuylkill 647 dispatched class one to 166 Dayton Street in Williams Township for a structure fire. Engine 23 responded with 7, Rescue 23 with 3, Truck 22 with 6 and Engine 647. Engine 23 arrived on side C with Chief 23 taking command, and pulled one line and went interior. Truck 22 arrived on the C/D corner and laddered the building, a 2 and 1/2 story single family dwelling with smoke pushing from a rear second floor vent to a gas fireplace. The propane was secured and the interior crew knocked down the visible fire while the truck crew opened up the outer wall and removed the vent. The crew from Engine 647 arrived on side A and sent their manpower interior to assist with suppression and ventilation. Crews opened up the wall around the gas fireplace and put out hot spots. Crews continued with overhaul until released by command.
Flooding, 516 Main Street (Box 22-1)
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County dispatch paged out Chief 22 about a call to 516 Main Street in Lykens Boro for basement flooding. Chief 22 and Captain 22 responded POV to the scene. On arrival at a duplex 2 story wood frame house, they found the main water line had burst in the basement and there was almost 3 feet of water there. Utility 22 was requested and responded class three with 4. On arrival the crews set up portable pumps and pumped out the water while Captain 22 had the water service shut off to the residence. After completing the pump detail Chief 22 placed the company available.
Structure Fire, 1238 Erdman Road (Box 27-3)
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Truck 22 dispatched class one on the 27-3 box to 1238 Erdman Road in Lykens Township for a structure fire. Further updates advised of a shed on fire spreading to an RV. Truck 22 went enroute with 7. Chief 27 on arrival advised that the structure was to the ground and to hold it to his company and one additional tanker, placing Truck 22 in service while responding.
Other Local Incidents (see Note 2)Hide

Fire at William Maurer's Home - Tremont, PA
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The home of William Maurer Sr was badly damaged by fire on Thursday, February 4, 1954, but was not totally destroyed.
Other Noteworthy Incidents/Events (see Note 3)Hide

New Orleans Ship Fires - New Orleans, LA
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Between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning on February 4, 1854, fire broke out on board the steamship Charles Belcher, at the steamship levee in the upper part of New Orleans, Louisiana. The ship had arrived overnight from Nashville, Tennessee. The fire was discovered aft on the lower deck, shortly after her arrival at the levee. It spread quickly to envelope the entire ship. The fire then spread to the Mohegan and Natchez, and from there to the Liah Tuna, the Crescent, and the Saxon, all of which were totally destroyed with their cargo by 5 o'clock a.m. Fire also reached the Sultana and a heavily laden barge, which she had in tow - the latter of which was destroyed along with the barge of C.E. Watkins, which arrived the day before in tow by the steamer David Gibson, carrying a large supply of western produce. The Sultana, having just arrived from Louisville, still had steam, and although she caught fire several times, was able to retreat out of reach of the flames, where she anchored and rendered assistance with saving life and property. All the destroyed ships, except the Natchez, sank. The Grand Turk which was next to the Saxon while she was burning, caught fire but received relatively little damage. After the fire, the levee was covered with half-burned cotton and provisions, but the wharf escaped damage. Thirty-seven people died in the fires. The Natchez, having only arrived the day before, only had 500 of her 3,000 bails of cotton unloaded. The Mohican had a large valuable cargo which was to have left for the Tennessee River later that morning. The Crescent and Liah Tuna had unloaded most of their cargo. The Saxon was loading for St. Louis and was about half loaded at the time of the fire. The total loss was estimated at more than half a million dollars.
Oil Tanker Bidwell Explosion - Marcus Hook, PA
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During the night February 4, 1932, the M.S. Bidwell, an oil tanker belonging to the Sun Oil Company in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, exploded and burned at the Sinclair Dock. The first explosion came at 12:40 a.m., and all of the crew except a small deck watch were asleep at the time. The three members of the deck watch were hurled into the water by the force of the first blast, which came from the engine-room. A series of explosions followed, and a curtain of flame cut the ship off from the dock and made rescue from that side impossible. Between 50 and 60 persons were aboard the vessel at the time. Many who were able to reach the deck of the ship, only to find their escape cut off by flames, leaped into the icy waters of the Delaware River. The first blast is believed to have killed several of the crew sleeping near the engine-room. Others rushed to the companionways and sought to escape to the deck. Some were trapped below. Seventeen of the people on-board were killed, including the Captain, Joseph Rivers of Hollis, New York. His wife Viola, aboard at the time, was injured and rescued from the frigid waters of the Delaware River by Edward J. Cartain of Chester, an employee at Sinclair Refining, who swam to her rescue. He was subsequently awarded the Carnegie medal for heroism. Also killed was the Second Mate, Harry Ockelman, the natural father of future Hollywood actress Veronica Lake. The death of the men in this explosion, started the Sun Oil Company on a road to find an inert gas system to prevent such a tragedy happening again. Many lives were saved on Sun Oil Company ships in subsequent years through the introduction of this inert gas system. The Bidwell was repaired and placed back in service. One dark night off Cape Hatteras during World War II, a Nazi submarine sent a torpedo into her port side ripping her deck into shambles and one crewman was lost. Again, the ship was repaired and she continued her work. Finally after logging two-million miles during 33 years of Sun Oil Company service, she was sold to the Greek Government and went to Maracaibo, Venezuela as a station ship.
Guatemala City Earthquake - Guatemala City, Guatemala
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At 3:04 a.m. on the morning of February 4, 1976, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake leveled much of Guatemala City, Guatemala, killing 23,000 people and leaving one-million others homeless. In a matter of minutes, about one third of the city was destroyed. All over the city, sleeping residents were crushed and killed when their weak adobe homes collapsed on top of them. Rescue efforts began immediately, but many people could not be saved, as it was extremely difficult to get help to the city. The roads and bridges leading to Guatemala City had been extensively damaged. It is estimated that more than 70,000 people suffered serious injuries. Strong aftershocks followed for an entire week, terrorizing the survivors, who were staying in improvised shelters.

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