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Fire, Walker Feed Mill
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At 8:50AM the Saturday morning routine of the Residents of Elizabethville was changed from a quiet one to one of excitement. Dan Wertz ran to the pull box located on the front of the Fire House and pulled the hook. As members of the Reliance Hose Company ran to answer the alarm, a large column of smoke was seen issuing from the C.L. Walker Feed Mill on Vine Street. On this unusally warm morning employees at the mill were shelling corn into a wooden bin. A husk from one of the cobs became wrapped around the shaft of the sheller and caught fire. The fan of the machine blew fire and sparks into the bin and caught the contents on fire. They tried for ten to fifteen minutes to extinguish the fire themselves before calling the fire company. By the time the alarm was sounded, the bin was well involved and fire was quickly extending into the mill. Chief Charles C. Wertz rounded the corner to the mill and saw the extinguishers lying on the ground and guessed what had transpired. Engine-21 (the '34 Studebaker) arrived, piloted by Jacque Wertz. The Fire Station at this time was on Market Street just South of the Routes 209 & 225 intersection, next to Swab Wagon Company's Chyrsler-Plymouth Dealership. The fire was about a block away from the station. Jacque would have come off the ramp and turned right (up the Mountain), traveled about 100 feet, turned left at the Former Flips Bar and Grille, and the Mill was straight ahead one more block. It is told that he only stopped at the mill long enough for some of the mill workers to grab the 2?-inch hose, which always had a nozzle attached, and then he proceeded to the hydrant on Moore Street, another half block to the East. Legend has it that when he crossed the railroad tracks, the hose lifted out of the bed. The hydrant was only about 50 feet from the railroad tracks and he connected to the hydrant with hard suction hose and went into service. A second line was then hand jacked and he took all the water that the hydrant would supply. Mutual aid was requested from several neighboring towns. Millersburg arrived with two pumpers under the direction of Chief Herb Hoke. Charlie quickly confered with Herb and Charlie said, "Herb you take control of the fire and I'll get you the water." Charlie knew the hydrant system and figured his knowledge in that matter would be invaluable. As the fire grew in size, the Southerly breeze of fifteen to twenty miles per hour carried fire brands across Main Street and caught several roofs on fire. At least five roofs were burning. Lykens arrived and was directed to stay on Main street and handle the roofs before additional damage occured. Residents were on their roofs with brooms and buckets of water working to save their homes. Charlie used to tell of the women of the town standing in their yards crying openly afraid half the town would burn. Gratz fire company arrived and was sent to handle several field and grass fires along the Northern edge of town. Berrysburg, Halifax, and Williamstown Firefighters arrived to assist where needed. Six Firemen were injured and treated at the fire station where Doc Buxton had set up shop for the day. The home of the Walker family was located at its closest point only four feet from the blazing mill. Thanks to the effort of the crews on scene the contents were removed and in total the house only suffered damages totalling $500. Other damages occured to the Williams Valley Lumber Yard across the railroad tracks from the mill and several homes on Main Street. Loss to the mill was valued at $100,000. An estimated 285,000 gallons of water was used from the reservoir that day. (The water Superintendant had measured the level earlier that day and went back after the fire to check it.) This remains the most spectacular fires in Elizabethville history. The temperature was in the upper 70's and there was a steady south breeze working against the crews. Many unsung heros worked to save Elizabethville. Thanks to Elizabethville's Tom Welker for providing the details of this fire.
Accident w/inj, 800 Main St (Box 22-4)

Medical Assist-Code, 219 Main St (Box 22-11)

Evacuation, 10330 Rt 209 WVHS (Box 24-12)
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Company-22 was dispatched to the Williamstown Armory to assist Company-24 and other companies with an evacuation of the Williams Valley Junior-Senior High School after a bomb threat was received by the school. Truck-22 responded with a crew of four and set up at the Armory, charting all students that were arriving by bus from the school and confirming their release to parents as they arrived. The crew continued this procedure until all students were accounted for and picked up.
Brush Fire, Rear of 451 North Street (Box 22-1)
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Company 22 was dispatched to the rear of 451 North Street to extinguish a camp fire set by juveniles. Engine 22 responded with a crew of six and arrived on scene to find out that bystanders were advising that the fire was out and the actual location of the fire was on the North side of the creek in Wiconisco Township. The police department and Chief 23 were notified. An additional crew crossed the Market Street Bridge by POV, hiked into the scene, and extinguished hot embers. Two boys were found at the scene. They were given a fire safety lecture by Lieutenant 22. The boys helped extinguish the fire by shuttling water from the Wiconisco Creek in a bucket and clearing the ground around the camp fire ring. The company went available as the on-foot crew hiked out of the wooded area in the dark and was recovered on Market Street near the Wiconisco Sewer Plant.
Structure Fire, 141 Kushwa Road (Box S.C.)
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Truck 22 was dispatched class three to 141 Kushwa Road in Hubley Township, Schuylkill County to assist with overhaul of a structure that had burned overnight. Truck 22 responded with a crew of ten, set up on side-A, and was supplied by Sacramento's Engine. The structure was a two story ranch home with extremely heavy fire damage throughout. The Truck's bucket was taken to the roof and the crew extinguished pockets of fire that were not able to be safely reached from the ground. The property was nearly totally destroyed, with no safe access to the remaining roof area. Several hot spots were found and extinguished, while the rest of the crew assisted with overhaul from the ground and from ladders. The crew continued service until released by command.
Motorcycle Accident with Injury, Main and Arlington Streets (Box 22-1)
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Engine 22 and Rescue 23 were dispatched to the intersection of Main and Arlington Streets for a report of a motorcycle accident with injury. Chief 22-1 responded to the scene, which was two doors from his home. Engine 22 responded with a crew of three, and was placed available by Chief 22-1 when he placed the box in service a few moments later.
Cabin Fire, 453 Isle of Q Road (Box 20-4)
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Truck 22 was dispatched in place of Truck 20 for a cabin fire in Upper Paxton Township. Truck 22 was canceled almost immediately after dispatch when Truck 20 responded.
Structure Fire, 4271 Powells Valley Road (Box 19-4)
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Companies 19, 22, 29, 23 and 216 were dispatched class-one to 4271 Powells Valley Road in the area known as "Smoke Hole" for a reported structure fire. Engine 22 responded with a crew of six, Truck 22 with a crew of four, and Utility 22 with a crew of two. Engine 22 arrived on scene and a one story wood frame hunting camp was found with fire showing through the roof and extension on the A-side into the brush and woods. The D-side had fire spread to a pickup truck that was also fully involved. The crew pulled three two-inch lines and extinguished the woods fire, truck fire, and building fire. Tanker 23 pulled in behind Engine 22 and supplied additional water. Engine 19-1 arrived with Chief 19, who established command. Truck 22 staged on Powells Valley Road and its crew was sent to Utility 22 to travel back a long lane to the scene. Crews worked the scene in suppression mode until control was marked, and then went into overhaul and salvage mode. Crews continued until released by command.
Porta Potty on fire, 260 Glen Road (Box 22-2)
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Company 22 dispatched class one to the Lykens Glen Park for a report of a porta potty on fire. Chief 22 responded POV and reported a large column of smoke from several blocks out. Engine 22 responded with 5 and Truck 22 with 3. On arrival, crews found two porta potties, two trees, a dumpster, and about 50 feet of brush on fire. Crew from the Engine pulled a two inch hand line and extinguished the bulk of the fire while the Truck crew using PW's worked on the brush fire. A total of two porta potties were completely destroyed, with scorching to some trees and brush, and a nearby dumpster. After soaking the remains, the box was placed available by command.
Water Leak, 534 Main St (Box 22-1)
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Company 22 OIC requested to call in for a non emergency event. Chief 22-2 called the comm center and was informed that the address 534 Main Street in Lykens had a broken water line in the basement. Engine 22 was requested non emergency to respond. Engine 22 went enroute with 4 and 3 members went POV to the scene while 6 other members remained in station. On arrival Lieutenant 22-1 checked the basement and found the main water supply line broken into the home with water pouring into the sump pit. Lieutenant 22 retrieved the curb box shut off from the Water Plant and on his arrival shut off the water at the curb. The plumber was able to repair the pipe and the Company was placed available.
Structure Fire, 452 Dietrich Ave (Box S.C.)
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Truck 22 dispatched class one to 452 Dietrich Avenue in Orwin, Porter Township, Schuylkill County for a structure fire. Later into the call Engine 22 was dispatched to this call as a replacement piece. Truck 22 responded with 4 and Engine 22 with 2. On arrival of the truck they took side A of a 30 foot by 40 foot single family dwelling with fire throughout the second floor breaking out thru the roof. Crew took the bucket to the roof and began venting the structure while members from Rescue 23 grabbed ladders to put up around the building. Engine 22 went to a fill site and set up to fill tankers. Schuylkill Chief 22-2 had command. The bucket crew vented the roof while other crews worked on extinguishing the fire on the first and second floors. This continued until control was marked. The Truck continued to assist until released by command.
Rekindle, 452 Dietrich Ave (Box S.C.)
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Truck 22 re dispatched to 452 Dietrich Avenue in Porter Township Schuylkill County in the village of Orwin for a rekindle of the previous fire a few hours earlier. Truck 22 responded with 7 and Utility 22 with 3. Company 22 was canceled while enroute.
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There are no incidents recorded in our database for this date.
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Eccles #5 and #6 Coal Mine Explosion - Eccles, WV

Wadi el Natrun Prison Fire - Egypt

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