1922 International


The 1922 Engine was mounted on an International Chassis, model 61, 6000 pound capacity, equipped with electric lighting and starting system.  The hose body was steel with slatted wood bottom.  The floor was removable in two pieces, the body held 1500 feet of 2?-inch hose.  The seat was the standard fire apparatus style, well upholstered and of ample size to comfortably seat two large men.  On each side of the hose body, running along the top and down at the rear, are polished 1? brass hand railings.  The apparatus was fitted with a Childs rotary fire pump, specially designed to harmonize with the character of power supplied, and the motor chassis as a whole.  The pump was of the positive displacement type and would draw water at a vertical height twenty-four feet without the use of a foot valve.  The pump body was cast in one piece reducing leakage to a minimum and virtually eliminating vibration.  The pump did not rack and strain the motor and could be operated fast or slow, according to the speed of the motor.  It was equipped with two suction and discharge hose on each side of the car.  The chemical tank had a capacity of forty gallons.  It was polished copper with hammered ends and lined with lead alloy to prevent corrosion.  The equipment consisted of 150 feet of chemical hose of best grade four-ply ? inch fire department standard coupled in fifty foot lengths, polished brass couplings, one polished brass chemical shut off nozzle, two chemical charges for forty-gallon tank, one twelve foot roof ladder with patented folding hooks and one twenty-six foot rapid hoist extension ladder.  It also included extinguisher, bell, lanterns, axe, axe holder and crowbar.

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