1944 Jeep Utility

1944 JEEP
Old Utility 22, known as the jeep

The former Utility 22 was a war surplus 1944 Jeep, purchased from the Lykens Borough School District in 1959.  The School District had purchased it from the Federal Government using money from their Activity Fund, not the general fund which was tax dollars.  The School bought it to maintain the local athletic field.  When it was decided to discontinue the sport of baseball due to lack of interest on the part of the students and the general public, the jeep was offered to Liberty Hose Company No. 2.  All that was required was to reimburse the Activity Fund for the necessary expenditures.  It was converted to fire company use by Swab Wagon Company of Elizabethville.  The all red unit carried a 35-foot extension ladder and two 10-foot sections of 3-inch hard sleeve on a rack attached to the top.  It carried a Hale 250 GPM portable pump on a platform built on an extended front bumper.  It also carried a 4 KW portable generator, and various hand tools, axes, fire extinguishers, hose, and first aid supplies.  This piece was taken out of service in 1991 and sold to a private collector who restored it back to its original military configuration.

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