Tanker 22

1976 Ford 800, "Big Red"

Tanker 22 was a 1976 Ford 800 series, purchased in 1982 as a used oil delivery truck.  After conversion and repainting to all red, done entirely by company members, it was placed into service in 1983.  It had a 390 cubic inch gas engine with a manual transmission.  The unit carried 2,600 gallons of water in its steel tank that was equipped with a 10-inch Newton dump valve mounted to the rear.  It had two 3 inch fill pipes locate to the rear that had 3 inch Storz fittings for quick filling.  The baffled tank could be dumped in a little over three minutes.  Also carried on board was a portable dump tank capable of holding 2600 gallons of water, 200 feet of 3-inch supply hose, and a 90 GPM PTO pump with pump and roll capability. It had a Motorola 4 channel low band radio and a Motorola 64 channel APCO-25 digital mobile radio.

Tanker 22 was placed permanentley out of service on April 12, 2010.  Over the next month it was stripped of its firefighting gear and sold as scrap to One Stop Recycling of Wiconisco.  It has been resurected and is currently serving at the Selinsgrove Speedway as a track sprayer.

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