Truck 22

1980 Pierce-Hendrickson

Truck-22 is a 1980 Pierce built on a Hendrickson chassis with an 85-foot Snorkel, painted white over lime yellow.  The unit is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V92TA Turbo-charged 400 HP engine with an Allison automatic transmission.  The unit is 47-feet 8-inches long and 11-feet 6-inches high and weighs 54,000 pounds.  The unit was purchased in June, 1994, from the original owners, the Hershey Fire Department.  The unit has a 1250 GPM Waterous single stage pump with a 300-gallon booster tank.  In addition, it carries 500-feet of 5-inch LDH supply hose and two 200-foot pre-connects with Akron Turbo-Jet nozzles.  It's ground ladder compliment includes a 45-foot Bangor ladder, a 35-foot two-section extension ladder, a 28-foot two-section extension ladder, a 20-foot roof ladder, a 12-foot roof ladder, a 10-foot two-section extension ladder, a 10-foot folding attic ladder, and a 8-foot folding attic ladder.  It also carries four Scott 2.2  Airpacks with eight spare cylinders, forty tarps in various sizes, cribbing, chimney cleaning tools, hand-tools, a 12-inch electric ventilation fan, a 24-inch PPV gas-operated fan, a roof vent saw, a chainsaw, a K-12 saw, a heat scanner, ten pike poles, two rakes, and other assorted hand tools.  The bucket of the truck has a 1000 GPM deck gun and a ten foot 1? inch pre-connect with an Akron Turbo-Jet nozzle.  The bucket has piped air for two occupants through Scott masks that are supplied from two 2400 PSI air cylinders mounted to the base of the pedestal. In addition, there are a total of ten 500 watt quartz lights supplied from the 6 KW Onan on-board generator.  The truck is also equipped with a General Electric Ranger 16-channel low-band radio and four portable radios.  Also carried on board is a Junkin Stokes basket along with rescue rigging and various lengths of rescue rope.

This truck was placed out of service on August 27, 2005 at 10:00 AM.  It was sold to the Lyons Fire Protection District of Lyons, Colorado.

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