Engine 22

1991 Grumman

Engine 22 is a 1991 Grumman Custom Class A pumper purchased through Fireline Sales and Service of New Jersey.  The company took delivery in June, 1991.  Painted all red, Engine 22 is an enclosed cab with seating for 6 firefighters and carries 1,500 feet of 5-inch LDH supply hose, 1000 gallon booster tank, and has a 1250 GPM Waterous 2-stage mid-ship top mount pump.  It carries three 10-foot sections of flexible six-inch hard suction, a 35-foot three section extension ladder, a 14-foot roof ladder, a 10-foot folding attic ladder, three 200-foot 2-inch preconnects, one 100 foot 1 3/4 inch trash line, and one 250-foot 3-inch pre-connect.  All the pre-connects are equipped with Task Force automatic nozzles with pistol grips.  In addition, it carries a manifold capable of distributing water to four 2?-inch discharges and one 5 inch discharge, a 12-inch ventilation fan, an onboard 6KW generator fed off the vehicle's fuel system, seven Scott NxG7 high pressure air packs with integrated PASS devices and light weight carbon fiber air cylinders with nine spare cylinders, a heat scanner, a CO monitor, six portable radios, a 1000 GPM "Stinger" deck gun with portable stand, and four 500 watt quartz lights. There is also numerous hand tools, ten gallons of foam, two pike poles, lights, two chainsaws, axes, an AED and oxygen, and BLS medical supplies to stabilize patients for medical emergencies.  It also has a front-mounted intake.  The engine is powered by a Cummins L10 300 HP diesel with an Allison automatic transmission.  The engine also has a General Electric Ranger 16-channel low-band radio with a Dave Clark Headset and a Motorola digital APCO 25 64 channel mobile radio.

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