We are proud of the men and women who give up time in their busy lives to serve in our company.  Emergency calls can occur at any time.  We are volunteers, and not all members are available to respond at all times.  But, because of the many fine members, we are able to attain crews to meet the demands as they arrise.  We appreciate the support of our families who sometimes also have to make sacrifices for our efforts.  Many family outings or dinners have had to be postponed or cut short because of a call to action.  Our volunteers also contribute to our company in many ways other than answering emergency calls.  Countless volunteer hours are spent in support operations such as paperwork, fundraising, and maintenance of properties, apparatus, and equipment.  Our members attend company training on Monday nights.  Many members attend formal training classes provided by local colleges or state and federal agencies.  We have members with wide ranges of certifications, including firefighting, vehicle rescue, and basic and advanced life support, as well as other specialties.  We recognize and appreciate the dedication our members have to our community.  To the public we serve, we thank you for your support.

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If you would like to become a member , see below for application information.

Become a Member!

If you wish to become a member of our company, there are many areas you could help out, regardless of your ability level.  Are you still in school?   We have a Junior Firefighter program for young men and women who are 14 to 17 years of age.  If you can't join as an active member but would like to associate with us in support of our activities, consider joining as a social member.  Play an instrument at any age or ability?  Join the Band.

Type of Membership
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Active Membership At Least 18 Years Old Active Membership Application
Junior Membership 14 to 17 Years Old
see Application for other Requirements
Junior Membership Application
Social Membership At Least 21 Years Old Social Membership Application
Band Membership Willing to Participate Contact Us   (See Contact Info Here)
Note: Applications are in pdf file format.
           If you need a program to open pdf files get Adobe Reader at Adobe's website.

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