Company Officers
H.E. Swab
Secretary, 1898-1902

George Harman
President, 1976-1981
         and 1983-1985

Harold Messner
Assistant Chief

Andrew Bateman
Chief, 1935-1937

Elwood Miller

Our officers are elected by the company in August of each year.
Each officer is elected for a one year term.

Current Officers of
Liberty Hose Company No. 2

 Line Officers
Fire Chief Terry Sherman
1st Assistant Fire Chief John Shultz
2nd Assistant Fire Chief Jim Hoffman
Captain Nathan Pendal
1st Lieutenant Ty Buffington
2nd Lieutenant John Platzer
Chief Engineer John Platzer
1st Assistant Engineer Mike Coleman
2nd Assistant Engineer Paul Coleman

 Fire Police Officers
Captain of Fire Police Donald Pell, Jr.
Lieutenant of Fire Police Carl Slough Jr

 Executive Officers
President Andrew Reiner
Vice President Donald Pell, Jr.
Secretary John Shultz
Treasurer Mary Bateman
Trustee Daniel Krepich
Trustee Carl Slough, Jr.
Trustee John Platzer

 Board of Directors

( Executive Officers plus the following Appointed Members )
Eunice Bingaman, Stanley Engle, Ryan Bateman
Ty Buffington, Nathan Pendal, Jeff Shultz

Data updated April 26, 2019 

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