Incident Detail: 2021 Call No. 005

Call No.  5
Time Out
Time In
 Laundry room fire 
 100 South 7th Street 

No Photo Available for This Incident

January 8, 2021

Truck 22 and Tanker 24 out of Dauphin County dispatched class one on the first alarm to 100 South 7th Street in Porter Township Schuylkill County for a dryer fire in a multi residential apartment complex known as Tower View Apartments. Truck 22 responded with 7 and Tanker 24 with 4. On arrival of a 2 story L shaped multi occupancy apartment building the Truck was assigned to the A/B corner and prepared to set up while part of the crew went interior to join up with Schuylkill Engine 22-5's crew to complete searches on the second floor. The crew completed the primary search and assisted with taking several resident outside of the building. One apartment had a very slight haze so a negative pressure fan was brought to the room to provide ventilation. After completing that task the crew completed a secondary search of the second floor and then returned to the manpower pool on side A. Crews from Tower City and Muir entered the laundry room on the first floor and extinguished a dryer with fire in the vent. Command marked control and began releasing units, and the Truck was placed in service.

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