Incident Detail: 2021 Call No. 025

Call No.  25
Time Out
Time In
 Structure Fire 
 9212 Route 209 

No Photo Available for This Incident

March 9, 2021

Company 22 dispatched class one on the 24-3 box to 9212 Route 209 in Williams Township for a garage fire. One of 24's officers reported a glow in the sky and requested the box be upgraded to a working fire. Truck 22 responded with 5, Engine 22 with 4, Utility 22 with 1, and two additional members POV. On arrival of a 40 by 40 concrete block garage fully involved, the truck beached in the parking lot and sent manpower forward. Engine 22 went up the driveway about 100 yards off the road and supplied Tanker 24 all ready on scene. Engine 24 laid 5 inch from Route 209 up to Engine 22 and they were supplied by Engine 27. Utility 22 arrived and beached. Crew did extinguishment and overhaul of the building which was now to the ground. Muir Engine 22-11 that was staged down on 209 acted as the cover engine and stood by with a crew. Tankers from Joliet, Berrysburg, Pillow, Fisherville, Elizabethville, Wiconisco and other manpower units were also on scene. After control, command began releasing companies and Company 22 was placed available and returned available.

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