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Statuto Cinema Fire
Turin, Italy

February 13, 1983

A fire occurred during a show at the Statuto Cinema in Turin, Italy, on Sunday, February 13, 1983. The fire began on the ground floor of the two-story cinema and quickly set several seats ablaze. The seats had plastic covers and produced toxic smoke when they burned. The crowd panicked and ran toward the exits, causing a stampede in which several people were crushed to death. Firefighters responded quickly, but found that the rear emergency exits were locked. They were forced open the doors and found the bodies of several people who had died while trying to escape. The firefighters were able to get the fire under control before it spread to the upper floor and balcony. On the first level, they found 37 people who had been killed by burns, smoke inhalation or injuries from the stampede. On the second level, they found another 37 people, many in a bathroom, who had perished from smoke inhalation. Almost everyone who was on the second floor when the fire started had died.

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