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Train Accident -Race Horses Killed
Millersburg, PA

October 8, 1905

Three trainmen were killed, one man was injured, and a carload of race horses bound for the Bloomsburg Fair were destroyed in a collision at the junction of the Lykens Valley Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad near Millersburg on October 8, 1905. The fast mail train for Erie was preceded out of Harrisburg by a fast freight train, which, owing to a heavy fog, lost some time. Its caboose and a box car containing the horses accidentally uncoupled at the junction, and the mail train overtook them. Charles E. Berry and Ralph Hendershott were in the caboose and were killed by the collision. Fireman Theodore Scott of the mail train was hurled into the midst of the wreck and was also killed. There were 200 passengers on the mail train, but none were seriously hurt.

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