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Vehicle Accident - Ibberson
Tower City, PA

May 30, 1934

On Memorial Day, May 30, 1934, at 4 o'clock in the morning, the Overland sedan driven by Roy Ibberson of Lykens, went through a stop sign at an intersection in the northern end of Tower City and collided with a Chevrolet coupe driven by Peter Szczerba or Minersville. Szczerba's vehicle was pushed into the porch of the home of George Shrope. The left door of Ibberson's car was torn off and he was thrown out onto the pavement. His left ear was badly torn and his skull was fractured. Frank Remis took Ibberson to his South Second Street home in Lykens and placed him on a day bed. When Mrs. Ibberson found him there in the morning, she thought he was sleeping and didn't become alarmed until later in the afternoon. Dr. Fred Perfect was summoned, and after an examination, Ibberson was taken to the Polyclinic Hospital in Harrisburg. The Szczerba car was badly damaged, but neither he, nor his passenger, Mike Seminoski of Minersville, were injured.

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