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Butcher Shop Fire
Upper Mahantango Twp, Schuylkill Co, PA

January 15, 2002

Around 7 p.m. on a blustery 10?F January 15, 2002, a large butcher shop in Upper Mahantango Township, Schuylkill County, caught fire. Klingerstown firefighters arrived to find the shop well involved and impinging on a workshop. The butcher shop was a total loss, but most of the workshop was saved. Companies on the scene were: 65, 27, 28, and Schuykill 10 and 13. Engine 27 set up a fill site at the pond at Big B Manufacturing. They used a chainsaw to cut through the ice on the pond. Mrs. Blyler (wife of Mr. Blyler, Big B owner) put out a late evening spread of sandwiches, cookies, and coffee for Engine 27's crew.

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