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Falk Corporation Explosion
Milwaukee, WI

December 6, 2006

A large and fatal propane gas explosion occurred at the Falk Corporation facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 6 2006. 47 people were injured and three were killed. Cars were flipped through the air and debris scattered over several blocks. An investigation has uncovered that there were multiple leaks in a pipe running below the building at the center of the explosion, which supplied propane to the heating system for the complex. The people who were killed died while attempting to repair the leaks. The Department of Neighborhood Services later carried out an inspection of the site; they discovered that buildings within a radius of approximately 500 feet had sustained heavy damage, such as torn-off roofs and collapsed walls. The nearest fire station was just six blocks away. Firefighters were initially alerted by the force of the explosion buckling the fire station door. Originally it was thought that a car had struck the fire station, but when firefighters went outside, they quickly realized this was not the case. Smoke was soon spotted and a fire engine and a paramedic unit were dispatched to go to this smoke. These vehicles were the first rescuers on the scene and arrived just three minutes, forty seconds after the initial explosion. They immediately sent for the departments heavy urban rescue team. Ultimately, 125 firefighters in 34 vehicles, 52 police officers, multiple private ambulances and the American Red Cross all helped at the scene, which was classed by the fire service as a five-alarm emergency.

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