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Al Ayyat Train Disaster
Reqqa al-Gharb?ya, G?za, Egypt

February 20, 2002

On February 20, 2002,at 2 a.m., an 11-car passenger train running from Cairo to Luxor, Egypt, caught fire from an exploded cooking gas cylinder. The fire spread as the train ran. Seven of its cars were burned, and 383 people died, either from the fire or while jumping from the train. 65 other people were injured. The fire was eventually extinguished at Reqqa al-Gharb?ya, a village near Al `Ayyat town, in G?za province. In Islam, it was the Hajj time, and it was the Muslim holy day Bairam. Because of this, the train was overloaded. Cars that should have carried 150 people, carried 300 or more.

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