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Leukerbad Avalanche
Leukerbad, Switzerland

January 17, 1718

Leukerbad, Switzerland is located in the the head of Swiss Valais. Sizable snowfalls accumulated in the Alps during December, 1717. On January 17, 1718, two avalances occurred. The first one killed three men on the outskirts of Leukerbad. The second one, later that day, was huge. It struck Leukerbad, crushing houses and businesses. 55 people were dead. One man was found alive after eight days, but died shortly after his rescue. The final victim to be found was a young girl. She was found, still in her bed, far away from her home in a meadow after the snow melted.

By 1720, the houses and inns had been rebuilt and repaired. Just after that, Leukerbad was hit again. All the new buildings were badly damaged and more people died.

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