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Fire, Rev. Lenker's
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Fire occurred at the home of Rev. Lenker, the house owned by Susan Harman on the corner of South Second and Pine Street. The company attached two streams and put the fire out.
Fire, David Herb's, N 2nd St
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Fire caused an $800 loss to the David Herb residence on North Second Street. The loss was partly covered by insurance.
Chimney Fire, George Kosier, S 2nd St

Chimney Fire, Main Street (Travitz)
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A chimney fire occurred in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Travitz on Main Street in Lykens on the afternoon of Monday, December 10, 1945. Liberty Hose Company responded and extinguished the blaze. No damage was reported.
Multiple Structure Fire, 300 Block Pottsville St.
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Alarm went out for a structure fire at Vern Miller's Store on Pottsville Street in Wiconisco, just two doors east of the original Wiconisco Fire Station. (The fire station in the mid 300-block of Pottsville Street, the one that burned down.) In those days the alarms were still received by telephone and when the Wiconisco house siren sounded the Lykens boys would go to their own station to see what was going on and vice versa. According to legend by Lykens' Fire Chief Elwood Miller, We called up on the phone and asked what was on fire. Wiconico's Chief, George Michaels, said it didn't appear to be much. The Lykens crew said they'd hang around a while. A few minutes passed and the phone rang and when we picked it up, smoke came out and George said, "MAYBE YOU BETTER COME UP!" By the time the night was over, Wiconisco, Lykens, Williamstown, and Elizabethville fought a large fire which destroyed the store and two adjoining houses. It also threatened the Wiconisco Methodist Church for a while. Several minor injuries were reported when a collapse occurred at the rear and came down on the heads of the Lykens crew who happened to be wearing NEW helmets that night. Elizabethville had recently placed into service their new 1964 Hahn pumper which laid its entire bed of 2?-inch hose from the fire back to Bear Creek (aka Sulfur Creek) where the 1934 Studebaker of Elizabethville took draft to supplement the poor flow from the Wiconisco hydrant system. We received the following resolution from Wiconisco Methodist Church: RESOLUTIONS Wiconisco Methodist Church December 15, 1964 WHEREAS at a special meeting of the Official Board of the Wiconisco Methodist Church, December 13, 1964, the following Resolutions were adopted upon the destruction by fire namely, a double church dwelling, the former parsonage. Also, the former Miller Estate and dwelling on Dec. 10, 1964, being discovered at 3:30 A. M. WHEREAS four (4) Fire Companies promptly responded, namely: Wiconisco, Lykens, Williamstown, and Elizabethville. WHEREAS seventy-five (75) Volunteer Firemen fought valiantly under adverse circumstances to save our church. They surely remained true to their calling. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Officers and Members of our church express their sincere gratitude by supporting all Fire Companies whenever possible; for without their determined efforts, our beautiful Wiconisco Methodist Church would no longer exist. FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that a copy of these Resolutions be forwarded to each of these Fire Companies. Respectfully submitted Dec. 22, 1964 Pres. Treas. & Trustee John C. Seip Rec. & Cor. Secy. & Trustee Mrs H C Hochlander Trustee Harper Rudisill Trustee John Travitz Stewardess Lizzie Watkins Elizabethville's Tom Welker tells us that he remembers sitting in history class the next day (Lykens High School) watching the steam still rising out of the foundations from this fire. Tom has heard various parts of this story from both Lykens and Elizabethville members over the years. His dad, Chal Welker, drove the Lykens '41 International that night and Jacque Wertz was the driver/operator on the Elizabethville Studebaker. Tom said Jacque told many times how the temperature that night was in the teens or single numbers. Jacque said he nearly froze until someone brought their car to the creek and they sat in the car with the window cracked listening to Old Sam (the Studebaker) humming along while the new Hahn truck was parked along the curb. Tom says Jim "Battery" Bateman of Lykens taught him some new words as he described the stuff falling around their ears when the wall collapsed and how the new helmets saved them. Tom's dad, Chal Welker, told that the fire was fed by kerosene tanks in the cellar of the store. Tom remembers from when he was a kid that Mr. Miller used to run a door to door service selling groceries and items from his step van truck. Additional Notes: Sadly, on April 15, 1998, Mr. Miller was in a vehicle accident in front of the new McDonalds on Route 209 near Elizabethville. He was seriously injured and was flown from the scene by helicopter. He died the next day from his injuries, at the age of 87. Liberty Hose Company assisted Elizabethville during the accident call by performing traffic control near Loyalton.
Accident w/inj, Rt 209/Coaldale Rd (Box 23-11)

Accident w/inj, 500 Bl Main St (Box 22-19)

Auto Alarm, 588 Main Street (Box 22-12)
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Company 22 was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm, which was reported by Chief 22A who heard the alarm. Chief 22-1 responded POV to the scene. He was advised that a second call reported that it was a smoke alarm with a bad battery. The company was held in quarters, until released by command.
Xmas Light Fire, 534 Main St (Box 22-1)
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Engine-22 was dispatched at the request of the Lykens Police Department to a report of some of the Borough's Christmas lights on Main Street burning some tree limbs. Engine-22 responded with a crew of six and arrived on scene to find one light bulb shorted out and sparking, causing a couple of leaves to smolder. The crew unscrewed the bulb, taped over wires, and went available.
Stove Fire, 319 East Market Street (Box 24-1)
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Truck-22 was dispatched to Borough of Williamstown for a stove fire, reportedly caused by popcorn. The truck responded with a crew of five and was canceled by Command-24 while enroute.
Accident with injuries, 4400 Bl Powells Vly Rd (Box 216-8)
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Engine-22, Engine-23, and Rescue-23 were dispatched for a one vehicle accident with unknown injury and the vehicle on its roof near the top of the Lykens Mountain. Engine-22 responded with a crew of six, followed by Engine-23. Upon arrival on scene the driver/occupant was found to be self extricated and not injured. The actual location of accident was in the 19-4 box, Chief-19 was alerted. He responded to the scene and assisted with blocking traffic from the Carsonville side of the accident scene. Engine-23 was placed in service. The Engine-22 crew stood by until the arrival of PSP and the towing company. After vehicle removal and road cleanup, the company went available.
Automatic Fire Alarm, 550 Main Street (Box 22-1)
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Company 22 and Engine 23 were dispatched to the Mid Penn bank at 550 Main Street for an automatic fire alarm. Chief 22 responded to the scene, and on arrival held the box to Engine 22. Engine 22 responded with a crew of six, and arrived on side-A. There was a bank employee on the scene who entered the building with the Chief and found the alarm system in trouble mode. After the alarm was reset, the Chief placed the box in service.
Automatic Fire Alarm, 550 Main Street (Box 22-1)
Detail >>
Company 22 and Engine 23 were dispatched to the Mid Penn Bank at 550 Main Street in Lykens for an automatic fire alarm. Chief 22-1 responded to the scene, and Engine 22 responded with a crew of three. Engine 23 responded with a crew of three. Chief 22-1, on the scene confirmed a false alarm activation and placed the box in service.
Garage Fire, 42 West Wiconisco Street (Box S.C.)
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Truck 22 dispatched on the 1st alarm to Schuylkill County, Tower City, to 42 West Wiconisco Street for a reported garage fire. Schuylkill companies 66, 650, and 655 with EMS from 959 also dispatched. Truck 22 responded with 7, and was canceled while enroute.
Medical Assist for lifting, 801 Market Street (Box 22-2)
Detail >>
Company 22 dispatched per the request of Medic 6 to 801 Market Street in Lykens to assist them with an extremely obese patient. Truck 22 responded with 4, and Chief and Lieutenant 22-1 responded POV to the scene. On arrival, the crew assisted EMS with moving a patient onto a chair, and then went available.
Medical Assist, 801 Market Street (Box 22-2)
Detail >>
Companies 22 and 23 dispatched class three to 801 Market Street in Lykens to assist EMS in putting an extremely obese patient back in his chair. Truck 22 responded with 7 and Chief 22 POV to the scene, followed by Rescue 23 with 4. On arrival, crews assisted with lifting the patient from the floor to his chair and then went available.
Medical Assist, 801 Market Street (Box 22-2)
Detail >>
Companies 22 and 23 dispatched class three to 801 Market Street in Lykens to assist EMS with transferring an extremely obese patient from his home to their transport unit. Truck 22 responded with 6, Chief 22 POV to the scene, and Rescue 23 with 4. On arrival, crews assisted Medic 6 with moving a patient from his living room chair to the ambulance for transport to the hospital, and then went available.
Accident w/rollover, Powells Valley & Lykens Rd (Box 216-8)
Detail >>
Engine 22 and Rescue 23 dispatched class one on the 216-8 box for a report of a vehicle accident with rollover in the area of Powells Valley Road and Lykens Road. Engine 22 responded with 5 and Rescue 23 with 7, and Chief 22-1 and Lieutenant 22 responded POV. The Engine and Rescue proceeded up and over the Lykens mountain and found nothing. Lieutenant 22 responded in through the Minnich's Hit Road and when he got to Wolf Pond Road and White Oak Road, found a vehicle on it's side with the driver outside and not hurt. Lieutenant 22 placed fire units in service and turned the scene over to PSP and Recovery 21.
Structure Fire, 646 Main Street (Box 22-1)
Detail >>
The 22-1 box dispatched class one for a smell of electrical burning at the Mini Mart at 646 Main Street in Lykens. Chief 22 responded from his home across the street, and held the box to Company 22. Engine 22 responded with 4, and on arrival at a one story gas station and mini market, found the chief investigating a storage building to the rear of the structure. Investigation found storage materials against a baseboard heater. After clearing the storage area, command placed the box available.
Chimney Fire, 884 Rakers Mill Road (Box 21-4)
Detail >>
Company 21 and Truck 22 dispatched class one to 884 Rakers Mill Road in Washington Township for a chimney fire. Truck 22 went enroute with 7 and on arrival staged behind Engine 21 on side D and split manpower with some members going to the roof and some going interior with the crews from 21. The structure was a 2 and one half story wood frame single family dwelling that was being remodeled and the chimney fire was in the rear portion of an addition. Roof crews and interior crews co-ordinated their efforts and were successful in extinguishing the fire in the chimney and they then continued with the clean-out of the pipes and flue. This continued until all fire in the chimney was out. Command then placed the box available.
Other Local Incidents (see Note 2)Hide

Herndon Recieved a New Fire Engine - Herndon, PA
Detail >>
On December 10, 1954, the Herndon Fire Company received a new 1954 Ford/Swab engine with a 600 gallon booster tank, front mounted pump, and portable pump.
Clemson Island Cabin Fire - Halifax, PA
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A two story hunting lodge on the south end of Clemson Island in the middle of the Susquehanna River was destroyed by fire around 2 a.m. on December 10, 1956. The cabin was owned by Bud Miller. Firemen were unable to do anything to save the cabin because they couldn't reach it. The loss was $4,000.
Mobile Home Furnace Fire - Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co, PA
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A structure fire occurred at 80 Dogwood Drive, Halifax Township - a mobile home with smoking coming from the furnace. The residence was evacuated, but one female had smoke inhalation and was transported to Harrisburg Hospital for treatment. The fire was under control in about half an hour. Units on the scene were: Engine 20, Ladder 20, Engine 29, Chief 29-1, and MICU 6-3. Units responding but cancelled while enroute were: Engine 26, Tanker 20, and Engine 216.
South River Road Accident - Reed Twp, Dauphin Co, PA
Detail >>
An accident with injuries and ejection at 1800 South River Road (Route 147), Reed Township,occurred on December 10, 2004. A single vehicle rolled several times on the shoulder of the road taking out a telephone pole and ejecting the driver from the vehicle. The driver was laying in brush along the side of the road about three feet from where the vehicle came to rest on its roof. The force of the crash propelled the telephone pole into the north bound lanes. The driver was taken by ground to Hershey Hospital as a Class 1 trauma patient.
Vehicle Accident with Confinement - Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co, PA
Detail >>
Around 4 a.m. on January 12, 2007, a pickup truck traveling near the top of Peters Mountain was driven off the roadway and came to rest on an embankment along the road. The driver was unhurt, but unable to exit the truck due to the unstability of its position. The Halifax fire company arrived on the scene and stabilized the vehicle. This allowed the driver to self-extricate himself. The truck was removed from the bank and the driver drove it away from the scene.
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